pieter wels

designer and lecturer


I'm a dreamer, surfer, dad, designer & concept developer, lecturer design at fontys univeristy of applied science.

Creating, researching and lecturing about design, innovation and new interaction and publishing methods instigated by digital design.

Furthermore i'm member and co-founder of design studio wel/geen.



& observing

idea development, creativity, fun, interaction, interface, design, media innovation, prototyping, art, playfulness, user experience.


bissy with

Interactive Playful Pixel

playful pixel

in progress; with welgeen

Slitscan interactive mirror


first prototype; with welgeen

weekly collages



dynamic posters

dynamic posters


Framework for designing for new and no interfaces (research)

IxD framework

in progress; used and improved in my courses

Framework for strategic innovation and concept validation (research)

framework strategic innovation

used and improved in my courses

previous projects

succes & fails

online interactive 3D furniture remixer


shown at Dutch Design Week 2015. by welgeen

online interactive toy maker (for Jeroen Bosch year)

Jeroen Bosch Toy Maker

failed; iPad prototype but no expo. by welgeen

poster Tilburg textile city

poster naaldendraad

shown at naald en draad expo in tilburg 2012

Groene Sint online media campaign

groene sint

great succes, won bronze effie award

Responders band artwork

responders artwork


Woody and Paul band artwork

Woody and Paul


Lot MUAH identity

identity lot muah

identity make up artist and hair-stylling, in progress...

Random gesture app

playful gesture app

playful gesture app with radom sounds based on gestures, first minimal prototype. by welgeen

interactive augmented reality poster

augmented reality poster

expo no longer available Tilburg 2013

Swirls online campaining


online campaining and facebook apps for Swirls

Vodafone e training

vodafone training

online training tool

share your shit

share your shit poster

poster design, failed, never used

Animation for live shows 1

stills animation deadcell

animation stills for live shows band deadcell

Animation for live shows 2

stills aniamtion deadcell

animation stills for live shows band deadcell

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